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Eurorack, PCB Only

VCO kit based on the Curtis CEM3340 IC.

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This Voltage-Controlled Oscillator is based on the Curtis CEM3340 IC.  The boards are available fully-assembled or in kit format.  Can be used as a standalone board, put in an enclosure, or mounted behind a modular synthesizer panel (a Eurorack-format panel is available from us, or create your own).


  • Square, triangle, and sawtooth waves
  • Coarse and fine-tuning controls
  • Adjustable 1V/O CV input
  • Mod, PW and hard-sync inputs
  • Reverse-polarity protected
  • Eurorack-style power input
  • I/O connections on one edge of board; can be connected to wires or separate control board


  • 1V/O CV
  • Mod CV (AC-coupled)
  • PW (Adjusts duty-cycle of square wave up or down)
  • Hard-sync


  • Square / pulse wave
  • Triangle wave
  • Sawtooth wave


  • Coarse tune
  • Fine tune


The CEM3340 VCO is available in several versions:

Fully Assembled Eurorack Module

Get a built and tested 4HP Eurorack VCO module that you can install in your rack right away.  Includes power cable and M3 mounting screws.

Fully Assembled Main Board

Get this built and tested board and mount it in whatever system or enclosure you want (or turn it into a wiry mess on your workbench).  You’ll need to supply your own panel components (pots and jacks).

Eurorack Kit

Includes all the parts, PCBs, and panels you need to build your own Eurorack VCO.  Includes power cable and M3 mounting screws.

Main Board Kit

Get this PCB and parts kit and build your own VCO board.  You’ll need to supply your own panel components (pots and jacks).

Eurorack PCBs Only

Includes VCO board, Eurorack control board, and Eurorack PCB front panel.

Main PCB Only

Just the main VCO PCB with no other parts (you probably have plenty of parts already).

  • Power supply: +/- 12V to 15 VDC
  • Power connection: Eurorack 10-pin shrouded header (Can hook wires to pin holes instead if not building for Eurorack)
  • Current draw: 9mA (+12V) / 6mA (-12V) / 0mA (+5)
  • Dimensions, main board: 50mm x 60mm
  • Eurorack HP: 4
  • Eurorack depth: 64mm