GBAccelerator GB Operating Instructions

When you first power on your Game Boy, it will be running at normal speed. At any time during gameplay you may change the clock speed by holding the Select button and tapping the A button.  The GBAccelerator will cycle through the following speeds:

Fast -> Ultra -> Slow-Motion -> Normal

The power LED will indicate which speed is currently selected.

The following table shows the available speeds and their corresponding LED codes:

Normal 1x Solid
Fast 1.5x 1 Blink
Ultra 2x 2 Blinks
Slow-Motion 0.66x Fade


Disable Ultra Speed

If your system or game has trouble running at Ultra speed (or you do!), you can disable it.  Hold down the Select and A buttons for approximately 6 seconds.  The LED will flash 3 times to indicate that Ultra has been disabled.  You can release the buttons at this point.  Repeating the procedure will re-enable Ultra speed.  GBAccelerator remembers this setting even after the handheld has been turned off.