GBAccelerator GB



Mod allows you to change the speed of your Game Boy or Game Boy Pocket at the press of a button.

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This mod allows you to change the clock speed / game speed of your Game Boy to one of four speeds,  including normal, fast, ultra and slow-motion using the Game Boy’s own buttons.  GBAccelerator is useful for quickly bypassing text in games, speeding up games when they experience ‘slowdown’, for slowing down the action in tough games and for custom homemade games made to use the faster processing power that GBAccelerator provides.  Chiptune producers will be able to create new, crazy sounds since the audio changes pitch as the speed changes.

Unlike crystal switch mods, changing speeds with GBAccelerator does not cause clock glitches.

This kit features completely internal installation so it won’t affect the look of your Game Boy.

Note: Basic soldering skills are required to install this mod.


GBAccelerator GB will work in the following handhelds:

  • Game Boy
  • Game Boy Pocket

If you’re looking to overclock a different Nintendo handheld, check out GBAccelerator GBA, GBAccelerator GBC, or GBAccelerator DS.


  • GBAccelerator Chip
  • Double-Sided Tape


Normal ~4.19MHz 1x
Fast ~6.29MHz 1.5x
Ultra ~8.39MHz 2x
Slow-Motion ~2.77MHz .66x