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*Note: This module was a giveaway at Knobcon Number Six and is no longer available

Filloscope is a pretend oscilloscope that will fill a 10HP hole in your Eurorack synthesizer case, but that’s not even its final form.

Solder in an XProtolab module and a few other parts, and you’ll have a fully-functioning 2-channel scope in your system without spending a lot of cash! Here’s what you need to complete the build:


Part Value Qty Vendor Vendor Part No.
XProtolab Module 1 Gabotronics XMEGA Xprotolab
Capacitor, Electrolytic 10uF 2 Mouser 647-USA1C100MDD
Capacitor, Ceramic .1uF 2 Mouser 21RZ310-RC
Diode BAT85 2 Mouser 78-BAT85S
Jack PJ301M-12 3 Synthrotek, Thonk
Power Header 10P 1 Digi-Key AE11081-ND
Resistor 1k 1 Mouser 299-1K-RC
Voltage Regulator 5V 1 Mouser 511-L4931CZ50-AP