Credit Card Oscillator -> Synthesizer

Business Card Oscillator is now a synthesizer

For Knobcon 2018 I decided I wanted to make an oscillator kit that would pair with the Business Card Sequencer I’d done a couple years earlier. I started out creating a basic oscillator, but there was room for more knobs, so I kept adding features until there wasn’t any more room:

  • Multiple wave shapes
  • Glide
  • 2x LFOs (that can control pitch or amplitude or both)
  • Attack/Release
  • Low-Pass Filter
  • Sample & Hold

What I ended up with was more like a tiny full-blown synth than a simple oscillator. To better represent what the kit can do, I’ve decided to start calling it the Business Card Synthesizer.

The BC Synth can be connected to the BC Sequencer, but it’s also lots of fun by itself. The output will drive headphones directly, so you can sit there in the park on the bus making weird noises (you know, with the synth). It’s also a good inexpensive way for someone to learn what synthesizers do.

Kits, and fully-assembled units, and even enclosures are available now.

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