GBAccelerator DS



Mod allows you to change the speed of your Nintendo DS at the press of a button.

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This mod lets you change the clock speed of your Nintendo DS or DS Lite on the fly using the handheld’s built-in buttons. Is your favorite game just a little to hard? Slow it down. Too easy? Speed it up. You can also use it to gain some extra clock cycles for your homebrew applications. Chiptune producers will be able to create new, crazy sounds since the audio changes pitch as the speed changes.

Pressing a combination of 3 buttons will cycle you through the four speeds; normal, fast, ultra and slow-motion. The power LED will blink to let you know what mode you are in.

This kit features completely internal installation so it won’t mess up the look of your DS.

Note: Basic soldering skills are required to install this mod.

Important: DS Lites have been appearing in the wild on which this mod won’t work. Normal speed works fine, but as soon as you increase the clock speed the units lock up. There doesn’t seem to be any way of knowing which ones will work and which ones won’t before modding them. Please know before you mod your DS Lite that at the very worst you’ll end up right back where you started with a system that can’t be overclocked.


GBAccelerator DS will work in the following handhelds:

  • Nintendo DS
  • Nintendo DS Lite

If you’re looking to overclock a different Nintendo handheld, check out GBAccelerator GBA, GBAccelerator GBC, or GBAccelerator GB.


  • GBAccelerator Chip
  • Double-Sided Tape


Normal 1x (67MHz)
Fast 1.3x (88MHz)
Ultra 1.7x (116MHz)
Slow-Motion .66x (44MHz)