Dual Mini Sequencer



V2 is here!  2x 16-step sequencers in a small form factor.

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The Division 6 Dual Mini Sequencer gives you two handy little sequencers behind one Eurorack panel. Why would you need more than one sequencer? Why would you need mini sequencers?

  • More sequencers = more steps
  • Use one for playing notes and the other for transposing those notes
  • Can be used as a clock divider
  • Run in parallel for multiple CVs / triggers

Each one gives you the standard CV and gate out, plus an ACC out (Accent? Accessory?) Use it to open up a filter, enable a glide, trigger a drum, or whatever you can think of.

The two sequencers will run completely independently, or you can daisy-chain them using the XP IN/OUT jacks to create sequences of any length.

Each sequencer has its own internal clock to get you up and running in a hurry, but you can connect an external clock if you need greater control of tempo or want to sync with other devices.

The module stores your latest sequence even when the power has been removed (plus some other ones in v2!).

While this kit is designed to give you a Eurorack module, the PCB patterns for the jacks also have holes that will accept Johnson/Cinch-style banana jacks. There are also standoff holes on the main PCB, so you can mount them behind your own custom panel.

This module has lots of LEDs and is very shiny, but only two of them are ever on at a time which keeps it from loading down your power supply.


  • CLK IN (External clock input)
  • XP IN (Expansion input; Starts sequencer back at step 1. Use for daisy-chaining multiple units)


  • XP OUT (Sends pulse when sequencer goes past last step. Use for daisy-chaining multiple units)
  • CV OUT
  • ACC OUT (Can be programmed on or off in each sequence step)


  • CV OUT covers 5 octaves, and can be tuned using front-accessible trim pot
  • Sequences can be set to any length up to 16 steps by using LOOP feature
  • Setting a step to REST holds previous pitch and doesn’t fire GATE
  • In Standby mode, sequencer can be used as a tiny keyboard without altering programmed sequences

New Features for Firmware v2!

  • Multiple sequence memories
  • Songs – String sequences together
  • Live transpose
  • More! (see Operating Instructions for full details)

Note: All Dual Mini Sequencers ordered from this point forward will have v2 firmware and panel.


The Dual Mini Sequencer is available in several versions:

Fully Assembled

The module is all built, tested, and ready to go!  Just pop it in your rack and start sequencing.  Includes the following:

  • Dual Mini Sequencer module
  • Doepfer-style Power Cable
  • (4) M3 x 6mm Rack Screws w/ Nylon Washers


We send you a board, a panel, and a bag of parts so you can build it yourself.  Difficulty level = medium (it’s all through-hole, but some of the soldering is kind of small).  The kit includes:

  • Main PCB
  • Front Panel
  • Preprogrammed Microcontrollers
  • All required parts to build kit
  • Doepfer-style Power Cable
  • (4) M3 x 6mm Rack Screws w/ Nylon Washers

PCB/Chip Combo

If you’ve already got plenty of parts in your junk drawer or just want to source your own components, you can get this PCB/Chip combo.  Includes:

  • Main PCB
  • Front Panel
  • (2) Preprogrammed PIC Chip

Chip Only

Order two of these to upgrade your existing dual sequencer to firmware v2

V2 Upgrade Kit

V2 uses the exact same hardware as v1, so you can order this kit and be fully upgraded.  Includes:

  • (2) Preprogrammed v2 PIC Chip
  • Front Panel (with updated v2 graphics)
  • Power supply: +12VDC (reverse-polarity protected!).
  • Power supply (Optional): +15VDC
  • Current draw: 30ma (+12V) / 0ma (-12V) / 0ma (+5)
  • Width: 18HP
  • Depth: 0.83in / 21mm

CV OUT voltage wrong or sequencer has 3 octaves instead of 5

v2 sequencer chips auto-detect whether they are installed in a Business Card Sequencer or a Dual Mini Sequencer, but sometimes this doesn’t work right.  The Dual Mini Sequencer should let you select between 5 octaves, but if it appears that you have 3 instead of 5, then the chip thinks that it’s in a BCS.  Fortunately it’s easy to override the auto-detection feature and hard-set it to Dual Mini Sequencer mode.  For each sequencer:

  • Reboot the sequencer by power-cycling or holding down the RESET button for several seconds
  • While the sequencer is doing its boot light show, hold down the D and E buttons
  • The LEDs will flicker at the end of the light show and it should now be a Dual Mini Sequencer forever