DTMF4 – DTMF Relay Board


This 4-channel DTMF relay board lets you control your props, lights and just about anything else with DTMF tones.

When ordering, choose between the following power supply options:

No power supply- provide your own.
Standard power supply- provides enough current to run the DTMF board only.
High-Current power supply (2A)- use the same supply to power the board as well as external 12VDC devices like solenoids and motors.

Note: Custom code responses are available for an additional fee

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Synchronize props, lights, etc. with your audio and videos. This board receives commands in the form of DTMF tones and turns relays on and off. Control anything that can be controlled with a switch or button.

Either edit your own DTMF tones to create your own effects, or use a pre-made haunt-effect DVD.


  • 4 relay channels
  • Configurable channel numbers; run up to 12 channels (3 boards) from a single DTMF track
  • Fast reaction time- requires short DTMF tones
  • Audio thru jack for easy daisy-chaining of boards
  • Power LED
  • Audio level adjustment
  • Signal detect LED helps with configuration and troubleshooting
  • LEDs indicate which relays are turned on
  • Manual activation buttons for each channel help you test your connections without having to have a DTMF source
  • Power switch
  • Board has both coaxial and terminal block power inputs. Terminals also double as a power output to make wiring up 12VDC devices easier.
  • Optional high-current power supply available; simplify wiring by powering the board and external devices from the same power supply.


  • Audio In (RCA)
  • 12VDC Power In (2.1mm Coax)
  • 12VDC Power In / Thru (2-pos terminal block, accepts 14-30AWG wire)


  • Audio Thru
  • 4x SPDT Relay Contacts (3-pos terminal block, accepts 14-30AWG wire)
  • Power requirements: 12VDC, 40ma
  • Relay contact rating: 12A @ 250VAC
  • Max current supplied by power terminal block: 1.5A (if using appropriate power supply)
  • Minimum DTMF tone / space length: 15ms