GBAccelerator GBA Installation: Game Boy SP

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  • Disassemble your Game Boy Advance SP
  • Desolder and remove crystal X1
  • Place the GBAccelerator on the PCB between the ARM processor and the cartridge connector as shown in diagram (click diagram to enlarge)
  • Make connections as shown in diagram
  • Reassemble your GBA-SP

GBAccelerator Installation Diagram - SP


GBAccelerator Connections
GND Cartridge Connector Pin 32
V+ Cartridge Connector Pin 1
CLK CK1 (solder pad where xtal used to be)

Installation Tips

  • Do not take the GBA-SP screen apart; it is only necessary to disassemble the base
  • You may need to use some electrical tape between the GBAccelerator and the cartridge connector to prevent accidental contact
  • Use low-wattage, fine-tipped soldering iron
  • Use flux or rosin-core solder
  • Don’t hold the iron on the GBAccelerator or the GBA board too long as you may lift the solder pad
  • Solid 30-gauge wire is recommended
  • Follow wire routing indicated in diagram so wires don’t cross white areas, screw holes, or tall components
  • Cut off excess wire length
  • The three button connections on the GBAccelerator are interchangeable; it does not matter which one goes to which button
  • If alternate button assignments are desired, see button signal list for available connection points
  • You may need to trim some of the plastic standoffs from the back cover of the GBA-SP if the cover does not seat properly upon reassembly


Button Signal List
TP0- A
TP1- B
TP2- Select
TP3- Start
TP4- Right
TP5- Left
TP6- Up
TP7- Down
TP8- R
TP9- L