GBAccelerator DS Installation: DS Lite

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  • Completely disassemble the bottom half of the DS Lite
  • Desolder the four metal tabs holding the DS game cartridge connector to the PCB. Lift the connector up (the pins will still be connected to the PCB and will act like a hinge)
  • Desolder and remove crystal X1
  • Solder a wire to the crystal solder pad indicated in the wiring diagram (see yellow circle)
  • Re-solder the cartridge connector to the PCB
  • Use double-sided tape to stick the GBAccelerator DS chip to the DS Lite board in the position indicated in the diagram
  • Connect the remaining wires as indicated in the diagram
  • Remove the screw and cut off the screw tab from the stylus channel as shown in the picture below so that there is room for the GBAccelerator DS chip inside the case
  • Reassemble the DS Lite

GBAccelerator DS Installation - DS Lite Board Back

GBAccelerator DS Installation - DS Lite Board Front


GBAccelerator DS Lite Connections
GND GBA cartridge slot pin 32
V+ GBA cartridge slot pin 1
CLK Solder pad where xtal used to be
LED Green

Installation Tips:

  • Do not take apart the top half of the DS Lite; it is only necessary to disassemble the bottom half
  • Use low-wattage, fine-tipped soldering iron
  • Use flux or rosin-core solder
  • Don’t hold the iron on the GBAccelerator or the DS Lite board too long as you could lift the solder pad
  • 30AWG wire is recommended
  • Follow the diagrams for chip placement and wire routing so that they don’t interfere with buttons, standoffs, tall components, etc. It will make reassembling your DS Lite much easier
  • Cut off excess wire length.
  • The three button connections on the GBAccelerator DS are interchangeable; it does not matter which one goes to which button
  • If alternate button assignments are desired, see button signal list for available connection points
Button Signal List
P00- A
P01- B
P02- Select
P03- Start
P04- Right
P05– Left
P06- Up
P07- Down
P08- R
P09- L
R00– X
R01– Y