Frequently Asked Questions

It is used to blink an LED indicating that you are in configuration mode, that a command has been received, etc. It can be wired directly to a GBA/DS LED or to a separate LED with a current-limiting resistor. This output is always active-low.
When you first boot your DS, it runs at normal speed (67mhz). Fast speed is 88mhz (~1.3x). Ultra is 116mhz (~1.7x), and slow-motion is 44mhz (~.66x). Note that the actual frequencies produced by the GBAccelerator DS are 1/4 the above listed frequencies.
The GBAccelerator works with the Game Boy Advance and the Game Boy SP.
No. Overclocking the GBA isn't like overclocking a computer. You will notice no increase in heat dissipation. The CPU in the GBA is actually designed to run much faster than the GBA runs it at anyway.
No. We've done extensive testing with GBAccelerator at all of its different speeds and have left it running for hours on end with no signs of damage.
Yes. Instructions for the DS can be found here and for the DS Lite can be found here.
All testing on the DS has worked fine. There have been some reports of DS Lites that crash when you try to speed them up. The problem is rare enough that we haven't been able to figure out a way to tell whether it's going to work or not before actually installing the GBAccelerator DS yet.
Yes. You will be able to speed up and slow down GBA games just as you do with DS games.