Eurorack Power (Doepfer Style)

Eurorack modules typically require a +/-12VDC power supply. A few need +5VDC as well.

Eurorack Case Power

For power distribution, a Eurorack case would typically have a distribution board that looks like this:

Eurorack Power Distribution Board

Each connector is a 16-pin DIP header with the following pinout:

Eurorack Power Connector Pinout 16-Pin

The Gate and CV busses are used by a few modules to pass these signals between modules without needing extra patch cables.

Eurorack Module Power

Most Eurorack modules use a 10-pin version of the DIP header, which has the following pinout:

Eurorack Power Connector Pinout 10-Pin

Occasionally a module may use the 16-pin version if it needs the +5V, Gate or CV signals.

Eurorack Power Cable

A Eurorack power cable is typically a piece of ribbon cable with a female 16-pin IDC connector on one end and a 10-pin on the other.

Eurorack Power Cable

Eurorack Power Cable Connectors

The stripe on the ribbon cable indicates the -12V side of the connectors.

Note: Be very careful when connecting power to your modules! Unless shrouded headers are used, it is very easy to connect one of the connectors backwards. This could damage your module!

Eurorack Power the Division 6 Way

The standards used for Eurorack power connections can be a little confusing. Ribbon cable is normally used for carrying data and not power. The connectors used make it too easy to plug things in backwards. Red means positive in most applications, but Eurorack uses it to mean negative.

We at Division 6 do a few things our own way to make connecting power to our modules easier and safer:

  • All modules have shrouded headers so that power connectors cannot be plugged in backwards.
  • All power cables have blue stripes instead of red to indicate the negative side.
  • All modules have the + and - sides of the power connector marked right on the PCB.
  • All modules are diode-protected against reverse polarity. If you hook them up backwards you'll probably never know it.
  • Power cables use 26AWG ribbon cable instead of 28AWG for extra current-carrying capacity.
  • Cables are 12" long making it easier to reach your power bus.